Ten Travel DMC revamps website; anti COVID19 vibes!!!

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15/07/2020 admin

This month we launched the new version of our website. It was about time too!!! We have used our time wisely during the lockdown to redesign our features and to make the site more functional and client friendly. Key Highlights include:

• Mobile-Friendly: The new site is optimized for mobile devices, as well as desktop display.
• Blog: We have so much going on that we want to get the message out there better, faster, in more detail.
• Project references: Our website has become much more visual with examples of past projects and ideas for future ones.
• Contact friendly: Wherever you are on the website contact us has been made user friendly and easy to access.

New Features:
We are definitely not stopping here and over the next couple of months we would like to implant a transfer booking tool whereby online transfer bookings are made easy, flexible and reliable.

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