Hybrid Events yes…and then kayack, whale watching, trekking, star gazing….no limits

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12/08/2020 admin

While the COVID-19 related disruption put any sort of normal activity at TenTravel DMC upside down, we realized that there are many opportunities available to benefit our clients meeting experience; it is undeniably a learning process and we have been using our time to explore all the options available to us to come up with solutions to the following challenges:
1. How do we generate added value for our corporate clients when on site so that they can continue providing their services to their customers or attendees?
2. How do we get ready to rise to the challenge our clients will pose to accommodate demands relating to events online?
3. How to motivate suppliers in the chain of command to rise to the same challenge and improve, adapt, innovate and flexibilize their services?

After being involved in webinars, online meetings and seeing how our own studio would work as well as streaming live for a global audience we are convinced we can help; we are in a continuous learning process involving our own team, sound & lighting experts, online developers and tech gurus in order to provide a comprehensive, packaged platform in our destination; we feel we have the know-how and technical capability to make online / virtual / hybrid events a reality wherever they choose to travel to within the Canary Islands.

After work of course, a dip in the sea, a kayack route, a mountain trek in a national park, a spot of whale watching and few drinks staring into the sunset with work colleagues is a lovely add-on.

Contact us today to see how we can help you develop an exciting hybrid event on the Canary Islands and take advantage of the temperate climate at the same time….all year round. .

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