Applying common sense for the best guest Xperience

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As the Coronavirus Sars Cov2 pandemic continues to dominate our lives, our understanding of it is constantly improving. Through a combination of epidemiology and physics, including knowledge and facts of the virus’s character and how aerosols float in the air science is learning more and more about how microbes infect new hosts. In the New Year TenTravel DMC have embarked on the arduous (but necessary) task of evaluating all our suppliers certifications and protocols related to Coronavirus Sars Cov2 mitigation measures. Among the myriad of different certifications and formats obtained by the different collaborators we are also applying large doses of common sense. Contentious as many facts are and approaches to mask wearing, distancing, cleansing differ from country to country, from activity to activity – all ideas, whether rooted in folklore or science, must be combined with common sense to optimize our behaviour.

It is in this spirit that we are collaborating with all our suppliers to make sure that our guest experiences are as safe as possible but also as enjoyable as possible; ultimately our guests want to enjoy themselves, relax, forget their worries and engage with nature, working colleagues and family members in a fearless, warm and humane way.

Thank you to all our suppliers for their pro-activity and their input throughout the process.

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