ZERO PLASTIC use on any events organized by TenTravel DMC

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16/05/2021 admin

Sustainable Commitment = Zero Plastic use

As a DMC we are in contact with a wealth of clients from all over the world; we are also in contact with a myriad of different local suppliers. We are where many things start and where many things end in the process of organizing events on the Canary Islands. In so doing we realize there is room for improvement (always) in what we, as an industry do, and how we do it. We take that responsibility very seriously and have decided to act upon what we see and more importantly act upon our convictions; we either recognize our responsability as individuals in the first instance and by extention as a business or our planet does not stand a chance.

Our headquarters are plastic free and we vow to organize plastic free events and in so doing contribute to minimizing the impact plastic has on the environment. We make a commitment to monitoring our suppliers and in what way they can eliminate plastic completely from the services they provide and we make a commitment to informing our clients about the costs involved in substituting traditional forms of plastic use by more efficient, durable and sustainable elements.

TenTravel DMC are partnering a local supplier on Tenerife ( to deliver environmentally friendly flasks which our guests can take with them once they finish their event or stay on the island. These flasks are double layered vacuum insulated bottles made of steel which keep cold liquids for 24 hours and hot ones for 12 hours, are 100% recyclable, can be personalized with company branding and come in different sizes and colours.

We commit to organizing water refills for these flasks at the hotels our events are being held at and in so doing eliminate any “one use” plastic containers from the events equation; this is also applicable to any activities we organize where liquid intake is so important but does not need to be damaging.

We ALL have a responsibility in moving forward towards the elimination of plastics in our daily lives. The TenTravel team take this seriously and so should all those who read us. ZERO PLASTIC POLICY ROCKS!!!!!

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