Wishing us all a healthy and prosperous 2022

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Well, 2021 did not turn out the way we would have hoped for but there are enormous positives to rejoice in despite this fact. The TenTravel DMC team are fit, healthy, mentally sane and motivated. We have operated several incentives & smaller meetings in the last quarter of the year, been on the receiving end of numerous cruise ship stops and the outlook into 2022 is good, very good even. Furthermore we can safely say that the volcanic eruption in La Palma has officially been declared over without having had to mourn any deaths.

We will relish the New Years celebration and hope that all our valued staff clients, partners, suppliers and collaborators enter 2022 safely and with the sense that things will get even better in the short term.

Feliz año nuevo / Happy New Year / Frohes neues Jahr / Gelukkig nieuwjaar / Bonne année / Felice anno nuovo / Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku / С Новым Годом / Gott nytt år

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