Words of Respect & Admiration for our Carnaval

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Carnaval and the Canary Islands are one and the same. One cannot be understood without the other. This year, yet again, Carnaval celebrations will not be organized on any of the islands the way we are used to; however at TenTravel DMC we want to show our admiration and respect to all those people who make it possible. From public administration officials to security forces, from sanitary authorities to the Red Cross, from the cleaning services to the ambulance services and most importantly to the local population. It is the people who bring the party alive with colour, imagination and humour. Where else can you meet your bank manager dressed as a baby in nappies enjoying a drink? Where else can you meet your local plumber dressed as Supergirl? Where else do you stop at a traffic light and are swarmed by six “formula one mechanics” who “change your tires” “refuel” your car in the process and “wipe your windscreen” while you wait for the light to jump to green. Carnaval on the Canary Islands is the product of a collective, creative process which starts one year in advance and which unfolds in the three weeks of carnaval. Once more, our respect and admiration to all those involved; and for those of you who have never had the chance….pencil it into your agenda. You will not regret it.

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