University of Southampton Geography fieldtrip in the Orotava Valley

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29/04/2022 admin

TenTravelDMC coordinates University of Southampton BSc Geography fieldtrip once again.

It is not only about corporate events on the Canary Islands. The islands´ geomorphology make them attractive to Universities based in northern Europe offering fieldtrips for first and second year students. TenTravelDMC have teamed up with several Universities in the UK, Germany and Holland to offer tailormade programs including specialized tours and locations, the visit to specific facilities related to energy saving methods and lectures from specialists in specific fields (Vulcanology, Seismology). We make sure students and staff alike are well taken care of throughout their stay and come away from the experience having had a productive week. Hotel bookings are managed by TenTravelDMC to cater for the project needs (meeting space, workshop rooms, avl needs); in the meantime the TenTravelDMC team also learn while working!!

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