To beer or not to beer? That is the question

27/02/2020 admin

That is the Question at Iberostar Sábila

Everybody knows how to drink beer, but few know how to really taste it. Tasting Beer is a sensational way to explore the culture, chemistry, and creativity that make craft beers so exquisitely complex. Beer may be a “common” beverage for people, but it is far from simple. With 10,000 years of history, more than 850 identified flavours, a myriad of styles, and hundreds of thousands of breweries around the world, beer is as complex as its wine neighbours in the liquor stores. It is an artistic creation, brewed from dozens of possible ingredients and processed in hundreds of different ways.

TenTravelDMC organized a very special and particular beer tasting event for a Software company at the Iberostar Sábila hotel in the south of Tenerife. We used local products only which have been produced on the island in the form of Golden Ale, Pale Ale (Surf Beer), Inda IPA, a Red Ale finally a Porter beer. Moreover we had a few Canary Island brands (Caraperro, Isla Verde, Pícara, Danza del Diablo, Indiana)

A thoroughly enjoyable, tasty experience which our guests managed to walk away from (not crawl) delighted.

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