Coping with lockdown….

30/04/2020 admin

Even though team members are at home and our islands are 3.000km away from Northern Europe where most of our clients are based, it does not feel like we are not connected anymore. How do we do this and what makes it successful?

We have stayed connected through music. Every team member has added their favourite lockdown music to a Spotify list reflecting the moods we are going through and still go through at present. A way to stay connected, motivated and inspired. We know…some of the songs are very very dubious…

We are delighted to be able to share more than happy for you to hear our Spotify playlist. Let the music brighten up your day….or not.

In an increasingly digital era, lockdown has motivated even those most adverse in the team to use social media to explore the possibilities; and they have been pleasantly surprised more often than not. We have gone online with suppliers, clients, our team, the neighbours and a few animal pets on occasions.

For many generations this is as close to a war scenario as they have been and hopefully will ever be. Assimilating the sanitary as well as economic and social impact is not being easy to digest and we are making sure our team stay focused, positive and energized. Through music, but also through sport; “mens sana in corpore sano” (Decimo Junio Juvenal).

Even though it may not feel like it or you do not perceive it as such, this crisis will pass. We need to be ready to get up, recover and get on with our lives.

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