The Canary Islands – A Safe Haven for our guests since the 1960´s

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30/07/2020 admin

The Canary Islands….who has not heard of them or been at least once in their lifetime…whether in the context of a family holiday, on a honeymoon, on a company incentive trip, on a cruise experience, for a sporting event, for a stag / hen party, on a conference or product launch.

The Canary Islands have been Europe´s premier safe travel haven for five decades and we are proud of it. So close to Africa, so culturally similar to South America and yet so European in our political stability, health & safety standards, quality control, hotel infrastructure, cleanliness and hospitality towards our visitors.

In the context of the COVID19 pandemic we want to let you know that we take our business of welcoming guests onto the islands very seriously.

1. The first widely reported worldwide lockdown of an entire hotel was on Tenerife in March 2020. Although a hugely unpopular measure then in the eyes of mainstream press it has proven a massively successful measure. The incidence of COVID19 on the Canary Islands has been and still is minimal. We have a ratio of 2 cases per 100.000 inhabitants, a minimal death ratio which is well below many European countries. Some islands have even had zero cases.

2. Our hotels and suppliers have implanted safety protocols and invested accordingly to make the guest experience as safe but also as entertaining as pre COVID19.

3. Our privileged climate and benign temperatures all year round allow for open air activities, relaxation, dining any time of the year.

4. We are in the middle of the summer months and we are confident that airports, hotels, restaurants, tour companies, suppliers within the chain of services are doing their utmost to minimize risk.

5. Spain boasts universal medical attention for anyone in need throughout their stay on the Canary Islands.

6. One of the worlds premier private hospital conglomerates ( was founded in Tenerife. Hospiten´s business model has thrived on providing world class medical attention to guests from all over the world in consolidated tourism hubs (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Malaga, Algeciras, Punta Cana, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Jamaica, Panama).

In these very uncertain and distressing times we are confident we can continue to be a safe haven for our visitors. Stay safe and stay positive.

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