Work + Vacation = Workation

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03/09/2020 admin

Why not combine work and pleasure on the Canary Islands? As a company initiative? Instead of a corporate event? As free / independent
freelancers? Digital nomads and online workers around the world will find a sensational digital infrastructure as well as enviable quality of life to combine work and pleasure.

Some companies prefer to throw their budget at audiovisual productions / spectacular venues / sensational entertainment and that is fine and a legitimate choice for an event. However some companies might want to reward their employees on a longer stay, where they can combine work and pleasure and still keep the business ticking? Some companies allow family to come along….some rotate employees over the duration of the stay in pre-established time slots; some corporations book the entire area of a hotel, we create spaces for employees to work, to rest, to play…..we make the property an extension of the company for the duration of the event; business facilities, latest technology, virtual meeting facilities on site and a wide selection of leisure activities throughout the stay to take advantage of the landscapes, the warmth, the friendliness of our people and team and enjoy a productive “out of offce” but “in the office” couple of weeks.

Whether 4 or 5 star hotels in different f&b arrangements or self catering facilities, bungalows or villas we can offer the full selection and options on any of the Canary Islands for unforgettable co working experiences.

The Canary Islands are the perfect fit for workation / coworking / office retreat experiences:

1. The Canary Islands are an all round summer destination open 365 days a year.
2. There is a rich cultural / sporting / entertainment scene therefore always something going on.
3. The islands are all different and therefore something there for every profile.
4. Whether 3,4,5 star, high end or budget travelers there are options for all market segments.
5. A team / division / company region will find plenty to undertake; from ultra active alternatives to laid back options.
6. Accommodation alternatives in a variety of formats; villas, apartments, hotels…

Why not consider contacting Ten Travel DMC to explore the options on the Canary Islands and jump on the “new normal” bandwagon?

Look out for our new “Rental Homes” section where we have already welcomed our first digital nomads who have been enjoying productive working time in the sun.

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