Tenerife´s Big Blue “Hope Spot” for cetacean life in Europe

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12/11/2020 admin

TenTravel DMC fully support initiatives designed to preserve our fragil marine ecosystem

Tenerife hosts the first International Whale Watching Congress in its ongoing strategy to put the sustainable development of the island at the centre of its decision making processes. Tenerife is Europe´s cetacean sanctuary boasting 30 different species including Blue, Fin, Sei, Bryde, Minke, Humpback, Northern right, Sperm and Bottlenose beaked whales to mention but a few in this category; dolphin specimens including Stripped, Atlantic, Bottlenose, Common, Spinner, Risso and Fraser´s varieties….an explosion of wildlife on our doorstep which the TenTravel DMC team support in order to preserve and maintain their fragile natural habitat. Tenerife has been declared a “Hope Spot” by Dr. Sylvia Earle´s Mission Blue Alliance. “Hope Spots” are special places scientifically identified as critical to the health of the ocean and are championed by local conservationists whom Mission Blue supports with communications, expeditions and scientific advisory.

The conference spans over two weeks including collaborations, speakers and experts from all over the world. These include pioneers such as the aforementioned Dr. Sylvia Earle, conservation societies, award winning marine life photographers, marine biologists, conservation experts and leading experts in the MARCET project; this is a cutting edge initiative designed to disseminate science and technology in order to promote growth and sustainable development of tourism directly and indirectly related to Whale Watching; this is achieved through the creation of new eco-innovative products and services. In particular, centres specialised in the monitoring and tracking of cetacean health and in operational oceanography are brought together from across the region in order to integrate, harmonise and optimise knowledge, infrastructures and best practices in the region.

“There is a wealth of knowledge on the island and we take our role as organizers to raise awareness within the corporate tourism industry very seriously. Education and raising awareness is critical in order to preserve our marine habitats.” John C. Lucas (CEO).

For more information on the inspiring Sea U conference or on Mission Blue Hope Spots please click on the relevant images below.

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