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TenTravel DMC are incorporating “Plogging” into our offer for group activities on the islands. “Plogging” is picking up litter while jogging in groups and has become a popular pastime in Sweden.This is yet another lifestyle trend to come out of the Nordics which at TenTravel DMC we believe in and encourage for the benefit of our destinations and our delegates.

Climate Smart Vacations

TenTravel DMC support Travelandclimate.org – an online calculator launched in English and Swedish. The simple calculator is easy to use and provides people with knowledge to choose to travel with lower climate impact.
The tool lets you choose both transport as well as accommodation and based on this, provides estimated emissions per person for a trip – as a percentage of total emissions per year. The calculator also provides an estimated number of m2 of Arctic ice melting as a result of the emissions from the trip. The results can then be downloaded and shared on social media to raise awareness.
Calculate your trip´s climate footprint – https://travelandclimate.org/

Food Waste Management

TenTravel DMC are encouraging restaurant venues whom we have a lifelong relationship with to use food waste management apps available. “Kitro” for example is a device that scans thrown-away food and calculates the related costs for restaurants. Based on this, users of Kitro get a breakdown of their food waste and how they can save money. This allows them to make smart decisions and use data to reduce food waste and therefore costs. The device consists of a scale weight, pole and camera. By placing a waste bin on the scale, the device uses AI technology and image processing to offer an analysis via an online dashboard of all the wasted food. The analysis includes costs, sources of the food waste and more. Based on this, restaurants can make data-driven decisions on how to reduce their food waste, save money and improve efficiency. The measurement process is totally automated, which means the restaurants don’t need to dedicated staff to operate the device. They simply put the bin on the scale, turn on the device, and review the waste breakdown.

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