Not only Sun & Beaches!

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26/03/2021 admin

The Canary Islands are only sun & beaches.
Simply not true.

The Islands boast a wealth of cultural, scientific and natural resources.
What follows are three prime examples (and they are only a few of many others) which illustrate what we mean.
The wealth and depth of the activities being developed on these Islands are stunning and for most….surprising.

Lanzarote equals Mars for Nasa scientists.

Lanzarote was chosen by Nasa to test the “Perseverance” robot before its galactic trip to Mars. Scientists named the exact spot where the landing should take place “Timanfaya”, named after National Park in Lanzarote. Timanfaya is volcanic terrain and the the Martian version, which encompasses a 1.2km by 1.2km square also includes rock. It’s the floor of Jezero Crater.

Fuerteventura will boast an unprecedented film city, with state-of-the-art technology, and a wide variety of services

A massive and ambitious project developed on a total area of 160,000 m² that will feature the largest audiovisual set in Europe, This project will combine filming studios, large warehouses and storehouses for sets, a production and post-production building, a projection room and an Audiovisual Arts Training Centre. Besides a powerful leisure offer, a virtual reality theme park, commercial area, restaurant area and terraces. And all this without forgetting, of course, DreamLab, a laboratory of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Triple A Videogames, Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing pioneer in Europe. Its goal is to develop an audiovisual city where companies in the sector and the general public can create a new social paradigm based on technology. The Underwater Stage, a 1,600 m² water tank that will become the largest underwater installation for the recording of cinematographic material in Europe also deserves special mention. And the virtual reality theme park, pioneer in the world and that will have around twenty virtual attractions/rides for adults and children, including a museum of the future, in which the path for the future technology will be unfolded for the coming years and decades. Undoubtedly an ambitious project that will make DreamLand Studios the epicenter of the film industry both nationally and in Europe.

La Palma makes it onto the front page of National Geographic

The most prestigious nature magazine in the world, in its Hispanic version, has published a cover of La Palma (magazine No. 252). Viajes National Geographic surprises readers with a spectacular photograph of the waterfall of the forest of Los Tilos (San Andrés y Sauces), made by Saúl Santos. The image that opens this information illustrates a report entitled: ‘The Adventures of the March issue of Viajes National Geographic’ the magazine delves destinations in Spain considered “natural and cultural jewels”, La Palma being one of them. It is the first cover that National Geographic publishes of Isla Bonita (one of the seven Canary Islands). The importance of this front cover is considerable at a time when tourist destinations are important to what is expected to be the resurgence of travel to safe spaces in post covid times.

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