Waters between Tenerife & La Gomera declared World “KM zero” for Pilot Whales

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13/03/2023 admin

The international committee of the world biological corridor declares the pilot whale or shortfin pilot whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus) to be kilometer zero in the marine strip between Tenerife – La Gomera.

The world biological corridor has appealed to the UN, the European Union, the Government of Spain, the Canary Island Government and the society, to name March 5th as International Pilot Whale Day and in order to raise awareness about this species. Located in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, with crystal clear waters and one of the marine habitats with more biodiversity, with this appointment the committee want to emphasize a unique environment for this species that is protected nationally and internationally.
This marine strip between La Gomera and Tenerife is the habitat of a resident population of hundreds of pilot whales, where sightings occur throughout the year, since the social groups of this species maintain a high fidelity for an area is suitable as in this case. Resident populations are only known in: Hawaii, California, Japan, Madeira and the Marianas, hence the importance of the survival of this marine habitat in which hundreds of species of fauna and flora coexist.

Tenerife is Europe´s cetacean sanctuary boasting 30 different species including Blue, Fin, Sei, Bryde, Minke, Humpback, Northern right, Sperm and Bottlenose beaked whales to mention but a few in this category; dolphin specimens including Stripped, Atlantic, Bottlenose, Common, Spinner, Risso and Fraser´s varieties….an explosion of wildlife on our doorstep which the TenTravel DMC team support in order to preserve and maintain their fragile natural habitat. Tenerife has been declared a “Hope Spot” by Dr. Sylvia Earle´s Mission Blue Alliance. “Hope Spots” are special places scientifically identified as critical to the health of the ocean and are championed by local conservationists whom Mission Blue supports with communications, expeditions and scientific advisory.

“There is a wealth of knowledge and know-how on the islands and we, as corporate event organizers, take our roles to raise awareness very seriously. Education and raising awareness on a daily basis is critical in order to preserve our marine habitats.” Marcos A. van Aken (Director Sales & Ops MICE).

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